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Shine On Window Cleaning

We are a local window cleaning company that cleans windows on both commercial buildings and residential homes.

Our services

Are you looking for a competent, reliable and flexible partner to clean your buildings in your city and the surrounding area? Then look no further - and welcome!

Customers Come First

At Shine On Window Cleaning we value our customers and know we wouldn't be in business without you. Your satisfaction with our work is important to us. We guarantee our work and will return to touch up anything if notified within 48 hours. We monitor the weather closely and if stormy weather is in the forecast, we will notify you and give you the option to change your appointment. We will clean your windows year-around and use special ingredients in our cleaners designed to maintain the cleanliness of your windows between cleanings.

Already have a window cleaner?

Call us for a free estimate because we can beat most competitors' prices. You can call us just to compare prices with your current window cleaner and see if you are being charged for unnecessary services.

Call for a free estimate (385) 225-4389.

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